Dog Park Rules

The Park shall be open to residents of the City of Margate

Park Hours 8:00 am to Dusk.

All dogs must be registered with the City of Margate prior to use. This requires proof of rabies and all other vaccinations listed on the Dog Park Application.

The owner of any dog using the Park will assume all liability for damages suffered by any person or animal.

All dogs, with a maximum of two (2) dogs per person, shall be under the supervision of individuals 18 years or older.

No children under age 12 will be permitted inside the Park and only then with an adult 18 or older.

Professional dog walkers and/or dog trainers are not permitted to use the Dog Park for business purposes.

Aggressive dogs are prohibited from utilizing the Park. Reported cases will result in loss of Park privileges.

Dogs under six (6) months of age are prohibited. • Sick dogs or dogs in heat are prohibited.

No prong (pinch), metal choke, or spiked collars are permitted in the Park.

Remove leashes only in the designated “unleash area”. • Dogs must be accompanied and monitored at all times. A leash must be available and ready for use if needed.

Excessive barking, howling, or other excessively loud noises disturbing the peace is not permitted.

No smoking, alcohol, food, or glass containers are permitted in the Park

Dogs are not to dig holes or engage in other activities that may create a safety hazard.

Persons responsible for the dog(s) must clean up after the dog(s). Scoop bags are available at the Dog Park along with a disposal container.

Supervise your dog at all times and act in a responsible manner.

A violation of any of these Rules and regulations, either by an owner, dog handler or dog, may subject the owner or handler to loss of privileges to use the Dog Park, revocation of Dog Park permit, and payment of a monetary fine.